WORK 2020

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Still lives fragments

Size :92 x 76 cm
Medium oil on canvas
Year 2020

Still life ( from the Dutch Stilleven) often refers to inanimate objects such as books, flowers, fruits, wine…. It also carries the connotation of worldly and material life. In this series, the still lives are significant objects that have been related to me past and present. They are floating memories flashing back and beyond.

A leisurely swing by the hammock . It is also a performance display of simple daily objects, unsophisticated but comfortable.

a whimsical and playful act of 'still lifes' They are turning upside down, bouncing in and out of their 'home', hiding and covering up.

 A man carrying a net bundled with his daily necessities and his treasured stuffs. He is on a journey. ...

An unwinding film strip of still lifes that are memorable to the artist.

The still lives are hiding in the closet. As the sliding door is now opened, displaying a fantasy land.

An envelop enclosed with personal belongings is finally opened. The still lives fragments are spread around, dropping through the hurdle and beyond.