WORK 2004

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Crooked Metal: Blue Nude Deconstructed

Blue Nude No. 19 is the work of Tom Wesselmann. Tom Wesselmann is a contemporary American artist, famous for painting great American nudes. His nude series are characterized by red lipsticks, large straw hat and sunglasses, and sensuous curvy bodies. He has engaged in such work for forty years. His choice of nude motif, reduction to stereotypes and sexual symbols as well as the use of bright colours made him one of the founders of American Pop Art in the 1960s.

Blue Nude No. 19 is originally a painted cut – out aluminum wall sculpture in which the silhouettes of a kneeling naked woman is surrounded by crooked metal pieces. I disintegrate the aluminum pieces that caged the Blue Nude and place them in different patterned background in this series. I am acting to liberate the naked woman from captivity and to break up the image of woman as the artist's muse.

Paulina Wong