My lifelong passion in art could be dated back to the sixties, when I was taking private classes by local artists including Ng Po-wan (1965-1970), and afterwards, Chen Hok-shu (1971-1973), who cultivated my interest in traditional Western art and equipped me with a store of painting techniques. After graduating at the University of Hong Kong in 1972, I served as a social worker, and later, administrator in the Hong Kong government for two decades.

Despite a long departure from the art world, art always has a place in my heart. It was, however, not until 1991, after immigrating to the United States, that I resumed my artistic endeavour. I pursue my studies in Studio Art at the University of California, Irvine, which gave me an opportunity to explore new dimensions and experiment with multi-media techniques. Exposure to contemporary visual art in the west has fine-tuned my perception, and expanded my visual horizons. Throughout the years, my style has evolved from realism to minimalism to conceptualism, and now, to abstract expressionism. No matter how far I go there is a colorful edge pertaining to my works, expressed in a kaleidoscope of forms and thoughtful compositions.





Still lives Fragments








Memories of Cloud


Corks and bottles



2011 - 2012 No Subject
My City 2012
2010 - 2011 Bondage
2008 Assemblage
2007 Ellipses…
  My City 2007
2006 Unbottled
An inebriate depiction of the city
2003 - 2004 Crooked metal: 'Blue Nude' deconstructed
A deconstruction of Tom Wesselmann's Blue Nude.
2002 Untitled
Diptychs: juxtaposition of two similar images with different disposition
2000 - 2001 My City
Description of Hong Kong's turmoil in recent years through the eyes of a returning immigrant.
1998 - 1999 Double Boiler
A metaphor of an immigrant's experience in the United States.
1997 Boxes filled with colors
A self portrait: depicting oneself as an open box, filled with the colors of life.

Group Exhibition

October 5 – 27 2012 Nina Torres Fine Art Florida
September 1-2 2012 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Hong Kong
My City 2012
January 15-16 2011 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Hong Kong
June 19 – Sept 5 2010 Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art USA
October 5 – 14 2004 Lemon Project at Tai Koo Place Hong Kong
January 10 - Feb 8 2004 Gallery at Searanch Hong Kong
April 18 – 30 1999 Galerie Lindenberg 529 West 20th Street 5/F New York
April 3 – 24 1999 Galerie Gora 460 Ste. Catherine Quest Montreal Qc Canada
April 3 – 24 1999 Galerie Gora 460 Ste. Catherine Quest Montreal Qc Canada

Solo Exhibition

Sept 22 – Oct 4 2004 Economist Gallery, Fringe, 2 Lower Albert Road, Hong Kong
October 24 – 28 2003 Foyer exhibition area, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
My City 2012
Sept 22 – Oct 4 2001 Fringe Gallery Fringe Club 2 Lower Albert Road Hong Kong