WORK 2018

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Twin woods oil on canvas 60x41 cm
Two twin woods remain standing from the cracks in the desert. They look bleak, desolate, and withering. But they are sustaining in a dry land without vegetation. They signify strength, resilience and rebirth.

Abysse oil on canvas 41x60cm
While travelling years ago, I was attracted by this deep and narrow chasm shadowing a glistering river. It is an oasis hidden under the barren land.

Hilltop oil on canvas. 41x60cm
A natural barrack towering the neighbouring landscape. The artist is attracted by the juxtaposition of the hill top and the sky. It gives an urge to climb up to the hilltop to reach the sky, to get to the blue opening between the clouds.

Cracks oil on canvas. 60x41cm
Not only the cracks at the seashore form an interesting pattern, the ebbing of water as it seeps through the cracks creates the sound of nature. It is an amazing world !

The torrent oil on canvas 60x41cm
As explicit in the title, it is about the roaring of a majestic waterfall ! Mother nature is angry. It roars. Water is splashing everywhere. But looking from a distance, there is law and order in the rhythm of sound and movement.

The reflections oil on canvas 60x41cm
The artist is trying to present the tranquility of a small village at night time.

The bay oil on canvas 60x41cm
A quiet scene with small islands lying horizontally at the bay.

The city and sea oil on canvas 60x41cm
This is the Hong Kong harbour at dusk.