WORK 2016

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Cloud memories

I like watching clouds . I always associates them to memories …the elusiveness of memories. But nowadays clouds-iclouds also function as storage of memories. Hence it creates a new meaning to the title and an interesting crossroad between the romantic attribute and the functional reality.

The cloud series consists of six paintings in the order of Accumulating, Containing, Storing. Capturing, Releasing and None

The virtual clouds which becomes the running of Apps, youtube, emails, photos....

The vessel is carrying all my memories to the sky.

This ‘memory cloud’ cannot be stored in this open box. It will not fit in, It will fall through. So is human memories. It will be fading, losing, gone...

The ‘memory cloud’ cannot be captured with a leaf. It is elusive and will slide through and slip away over time into space.

Letting go of memories, virtual, and physical.

It comes to nothing.